Organic Reactions Wiki Privacy policy

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The Organic Reactions Wiki privacy policy was written by mevans86 and is laid out in its entirety below.

User Data

I collect no user data or information other than that afforded by default by MediaWiki software, and do not monitor said data for any purpose except to maintain order and professionalism on the site.

Personal Information

In the absence of a government-issued subpoena or other extenuating circumstance, I will not access or share the personal information of any Organic Reactions Wiki contributor with anyone. That said, information that contributors make available on their user pages is freely available to anyone who comes across the Organic Reactions Wiki; thus, contributors should take care to protect their identities by not making personally identifying information available on their user pages or anywhere else on the Organic Reactions Wiki.


Users with or without a registered account may edit the Organic Reactions Wiki. However, users who do not log in will be identified by their IP address in page histories.

The Organic Reactions Wiki Philosophy

The wiki philosophy supports the ability of anyone and everyone to contribute to wiki web sites. For the Organic Reactions Wiki, this is true to a limited extent. All contributions should be supported by published primary literature; there is no place here for unpublished primary research. It is meant for use and editing by organic chemists or those with expertise in the field. For more general descriptions of organic chemistry concepts and reactions, visit Wikipedia.