Transition Metal Catalyzed Hydroacylation

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Title Transition Metal Catalyzed Hydroacylation
Editor(s) Feldman
Author(s) Dong, Kou, Le
Last OR Contact 4/5/18

Last Author Contact



July 9, 2013. Author accepted
September 9, 2013. Need an estimate of scope.
September 24, 2013. Co-author Kevin Kou supplied a draft TOC and chapter summary. Suggests narrowing the topic to Transition Metal Catalyzed Hydroacylation. Since the field is still relatively young, we believe we can cover both intra- and intermolecular reactions spanning Rh, Ru, Ir, Co and Ni catalysis. The book chapter will center around rhodium catalysis since this system is the most thoroughly studied, but will also cover the more recent work on Ru, Ir and Ni. That said, NHC catalyzed hydroacylations will not be covered but will be briefly discussed at the end in the 'Comparison with Other Methods' section.
October 5, 2013. TOC and summary appear quite good with some requests for additions. Will circulate both when revised versions are received. Co-author is Kevin Kou.
February 12, 2014. 200 References in Endnote, intro near complete, Table 1a complete. Goal is to have chapter complete by August. Need sample text and tables.
March 1, 2014. Tables received and sent to LSP for review. Comments returned. Reviewed introduction was received and comments returned. EndNote suggested for references.
May 11, 2014. Comments on introduction, mechanism and tables returned.
July 27, 2014. S&L section completed.
October 6, 2014. A few more tables have been compiled. Working on Applications and Comparisons sections now. All will be sent for review after editing. Timeline is: Revised tables 1A-1B, 2A-2D, 3 and 4 and text sections by October 20; Tables 5 - 8 by November 3, and remainder of chapter by November 28. Comments and edits are planned in December.
October 7, 2014. Author predicts 120-150 references.
October 20, 2014. Remaining sections received. Author looks forward to working on editing.
February 21, 2015. Additional portions of the M&S and S&L sections received.
May 26, 2015. Comments returned to Author along with chapter check list.
June 23, 2015. Revised drafts of Intro, Mech, and Stereochem sections received incorporating suggested changes.
July 3, 2015. Comments on drafts returned to Kou.
July 20, 2015. Revised sections received as well as updated Outline, complete Tables and Text graphics.
July 21, 2015. Checklist sent to Authors.
August 3, 2015. Authors have made minor changes to the text, tables and graphics as well as completed checklist.
August 5, 2015. Complete chapter in hand. Under review. Expect to send it to SED by end of August and it should be in production in next few months.
August 24, 2015. Comments returned to Kou. Recommend that after they make revisions, Dong should review and edit. Should be ready to circulate to BOE. Need to use the OR Checklist.
October 4, 2016. Authors asked to error check the tables for accuracy. Request corrections by February 2017 for Vol. 97 target.
September 9, 2015. Revised chapter and checklist received.
October 11, 2015. Dong will be corresponding author.
November 6, 2015. SED comments returned. Overall outstanding chapter with good organization, coverage and analysis. Only issues are linguistic.
December 29, 2015. Comments returned to Author. Most changes are OR style issues. Marked PDF will be sent by Drop Box.
January 20, 2016. Revised chapter text received.
January 25, 2016. Plans to submit tables in the second or third week of February.
February 9, 2016. Expect to receive complete chapter by end of February. Bert has reviewed tables. Needs transcription checking.
February 25, 2016. Revised chapter, graphics, and tables received with response to Bert s comments and indications where changes have been made. Large EndNote file sent by DropBox. Note that there is a Mac to PC compatibility for degrees sign.
October 4, 2016. LSP review found many errors. Authors requested to review and return corrections by February 2017.
December 23, 2016. Authors reviewing table entries and making corrections.
February 2, 2017. Revised tables received.
March 3, 2017. Authors told error rate is too high and corrections are promised by May 1.
June 26, 2017. LB will process text and graphics.
July 21, 2017. Change of processing so that DL will process tables.
December 5, 2017. Processed chapter returned to Author for review with comments requested by December 29.
December 27, 2017. Comments returned to Authors.
December 29, 2017. Answers to DS TxGr questons received.
January 8, 2018. Several Schemes need a single reference to facilitate readers. Revised galleys for the Tables have been received.
January 10, 2018. Manuscript sent to RC for review with corrections by January 24.
January 11, 2018. Table galleys sent to Authors for review with corrections by January 25.
January 25, 2018. Comments returned from Author. Table 5C has been reordered as requested. RC has returned comments and corrections.
February 9, 2018. Tables sent to RC for review to return February 23.
February 21, 2018. Revised manuscript received addressing RC comments.
February 27, 2018. RC returned comments which were sent to Author for corrections by March 13.
March 6, 2018. SED asked for review of MS before submission.
March 22, 2018. SED questions sent to Authors with reply by April 5.
April 5, 2018. Author responded and supplied additional entries to Tables and EndNote file for references post-2015.
April 20, 2018. Chapters sent to DL for submission.

Volume 96.

Editor-in-chief Recommended Action

Dong delayed for submission to wiley due to late stage revisions. 4/11/18