Transition-metal-catalyzed a-Arylation of Enolates

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Title Transition Metal-Catalyzed a-Arylation of Enolates
Editor(s) Boger
Author(s) Prim
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Accepted 9/27/05 July 21, 2006: Outline, sample text, graphics, and sample table received (7/19/06). Undergoing review and probable distribution to Board prior to SF ACS meeting.
July 13, 2007: We are currently working on tables. Tables take much longer time than expected, but we are confident and hope to finish this summer.
June 9, 2008: Remarks returned to Damien. There is no final submission yet, but the time-frame appears to be Vol. 76. A nice first draft was received, edited, and returned
to the author for corrections prior to distribution to members of the Board. Reads well and is a concise, enjoyable to read chapter. This one should progress well once we receive the authors corrected draft.
July 21, 2008. Full chapter received.
February 18, 2009. Suggestions returned to author and expect submission early in 2009.
July 8, 2009. Chapter delivered to LSP.
Volume 76