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2+2+2 Cycloadditions of Alkynes with Heterocumulenes and Nitriles
2,3-Wittig Rearrangement
3 + 2 Cycloadditions of Azomethine Imines
3+2 Cycloaddition of Trimethylenemethane and its Synthetic Equivalents
3+2 Dipolar Cycloadditions of Cyclic Nitrones with Alkenes
3+2 Nitrone-Olefin Cycloaddition Reaction
4+3 Cycloaddition Reactions
6+4 Cycloaddition Reactions
A-Amidoalkylations at Carbon
Acetoacetic Ester Condensation and Certain Related Reactions
Acylation of Ketones to Form beta-Diketones or beta-Keto Aldehydes
Acyloin Condensation
Addition and Substitution Reactions of Nitrile-Stabilized Carbanions
Addition of Non-stabilized Carbon-based Nucleophilic Reagents to Chiral N-Sulfinyl Imines
Addition of Organochromium Reagents to Carbonyl Compounds
Additions of Allyl, Allenyl, and Propargylstannanes to Aldehydes and Imines
Aldol Condensation
Alkenes from Tosylhydrazones
Alkylation of Aromatic Compounds by the Friedel-Crafts Method
Alkylation of Esters and Nitriles
Alkyne Metathesis
Allylboration of Carbonyl Compounds
Allylic Trihaloacetimidate Rearrangment
Allylic and Benzylic Carbanions Substituted by Heteroatoms
Alpha-Hydroxy Ketone (alpha-Ketol) and Related Rearrangements
Alpha-Hydroxylation of Enolates and Silyl Enol Ethers
Amide-forming Ligation Reactions
Amination of Heterocyclic Bases by Alkali Amides
Anion-Assisted Sigmatropic Rearrangements
Arndt-Eistert Reaction
Aromatic Substitution by the SRN1 Reaction
Arylation of Unsaturated Compounds by Diazonium Salts
Arylation of Unsaturated Compounds by Diazonium Salts (The Meerwein Arylation Reaction)
Asymmetric Aldol Reactions Using Boron Enolates
Asymmetric Dihydroxylation of Alkenes
Asymmetric Epoxidation Of Electron-Deficient Alkenes
Asymmetric Epoxidation of Allylic Alcohols: The Katsuki-Sharpless Epoxidation Reaction
Asymmetric Rhodium-Catalyzed 1,4-Addition of Organoboron Reagents
Asymmetric Synthesis of β-Lactams by the Staudinger Reaction
Asymmetric Transformations by Deprotonation Using Chiral Lithium Amides
Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation of Aldehydes and Ketones
Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation of Ketones and Aldehydes
Base-Promoted Isomerizations of Epoxides
Base-Promoted Rearrangements of Quaternary Ammonium Salts
Beckmann Reactions: Rearrangements, Elimination-Additions, Fragmentations, and Rearrangement-Cyclizations
Beckmann Rearrangement
Benzylic Activation and Stereocontrol in Tricarbonyl(arene)chromium Complexes
Beta Lactones
Biginelli Dihydropyrimidine Synthesis
Birch Reduction of Aromatic Compounds
Bucherer Reaction
Cannizzaro Reaction
Carbon-Carbon Alkylations with Amines and Ammonium Salts
Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation by Metallaphotoredox Catalysis
Carbon-Carbon Bond-Forming Reactions Promoted by Trivalent Manganese
Carbonyl Methylenation and Alkylidenation Using Titanium-Based Reagents
Carbozincation Reactions of Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds
Catalyst-Controlled Glycosylation
Catalytic Asymmetric Hydrogenation Of C=N Functions
Catalytic Asymmetric Ketene 2 + 2 and 4 + 2 Cycloadditions
Catalytic Asymmetric Strecker Reaction
Catalytic Enantioselective Aldol Addition Reactions
Catalytic Hydrogenation of Esters to Alcohols
Catalytic, Asymmetric, Intramolecular Carbon-Hydrogen Insertion
Catalytic, Enantioselective Fluorination Reactions
Catalytic, Enantioselective Hydrogenation of Heteroaromatic Compounds
Catalytic, Enantioselective Transfer Hydrogenation
Catalytic, Enantioselective, Copper-Boryl Additions to Alkenes
Catalytic, Enantioselective, C–H Functionalization to Form Carbon-Carbon Bonds
Catalyzed Nucleophilic Addition of Aldehydes to Electrophilic Double Bonds
Catalyzed a-Hydroxyalkylation and a-Aminoalkylation of Activated Olefins (The Morita–Baylis–Hillman Reaction)
Chapman Rearrangement
Chiral Synthons by Ester Hydrolysis Catalyzed by Pig Liver Esterase
Chloromethylation of Aromatic Compounds
Claisen Rearrangement
Claisen and Cope Rearrangements
Cleavage of Non-enolizable Ketones with Sodium Amide
Clemmensen Reduction
Clemmensen Reduction of Ketones in Anhydrous Organic Solvents
Conjugate Addition Reactions of Organocopper Reagents
Copper Catalyzed, Enantioselective Hydrofunctionalization of Alkenes
Copper-Catalyzed Amination of Aryl and Alkenyl Electrophiles
Cotrimerizations of Acetylenic Comounds
Coupling of Diazonium Salts with Aliphatic Carbon Atoms
Cross-Coupling with Organosilicon Compounds
Cross-coupling Reactions of Organotrifluoroborate Salts
Cu, Ni, and Pd Mediated Homocoupling Reactions in Biaryl Syntheses: The Ullmann Reaction
Curtius Reaction
Cyclizations of Vinyl and Aryl Azides into Pyrroles, Indoles, Carbazoles, and Related Fused Pyrroles
Cycloaddition and Electrocyclization Reactions of Vinylketenes, Allenylketenes, and Alkynylketenes
Cycloadditions of Carbonyl Ylides Derived from Diazocarbonyl Compounds
Cyclobutane Derivatives from Thermal Cycloaddition Reactions
Cyclopropanes from Unsaturated Compounds, Methylene Iodide, and Zinc-Copper Couple
Darzens Glycidic Ester Condensation
Demjanov and Tiffeneau-Demjanov Ring Expansions
Desulfonylation Reactions
Desulfurization with Raney Nickel
Dieckmann Condensation
Diels-Alder Reaction with Maleic Anhydride
Diels-Alder Reaction: Ethylenic and Acetylenic Dienophiles
Diels-Alder Reaction: Quinones and Other Cyclenones
Diels-Alder Reactions of Imino Dienophiles
Dihydropyrans by Cycloadditions of Oxadienes
Dioxirane Epoxidation of Alkenes
Dioxirane Oxidations of Compounds Other Than Alkenes
Direct Sulfonation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Halogen Derivatives
Directed Aldol Reaction
Divinylcyclopropane-Cycloheptadiene Rearrangement
Elbs Reaction
Electrophilic Amination of Carbanions, Enolates, and Their Surrogates
Electrophilic Fluorination with N-F Reagents
Electrophilic Substitution of Allylsilanes and Vinylsilanes
Enantioselective Lithiation-Substitution of Nitrogen-Containing Heterocycles
Enantioselective Reduction of Ketones
Enone Olefin 2+2 Photochemical Cycloadditions
Epoxidation and Hydroxylation of Ethylenic Compounds with Organic Peracids
Epoxide Migration (Payne Rearrangement) and Related Reactions
Ester Cleavages via SN2-Type Dealkylation
Favorskii Rearrangement of Haloketones
Fluorination by Sulfur Tetrafluoride
Fluorination with Diethylaminosulfur Trifluoride and Related Aminofluorosulfuranes
Fluorination with Sulfur Tetrafluoride
Formation of Carbon-Carbon Bonds via π-Allylnickel Compounds
Formation of Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds via Organoboranes and Organoborates
Formation of Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds by Free Radical Chain Additions to Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds
Formation of Cyclic Ketones by Intramolecular Acylation
Free Radical Addition to Olefins to Form Carbon-Carbon Bonds
Friedel and Crafts Reaction with Aliphatic Dibasic Acid Anhydrides
Friedländer Synthesis of Quinolines
Fries Reaction
Gamma-Alkylation and gamma-Arylation of Dianions of beta-Dicarbonyl Compounds
Gattermann Synthesis of Aldehydes
Gattermann-Koch Reaction
Generation and Trapping of Functionalized Aryl- and Heteroarylmagnesium and -Zinc Compounds
Glycosylation on Polymer Supports
Glycosylation with Sulfoxides and Sulfinates as Donors or Promoters
Gold-catalyzed Cyclizations of Alkynes with Alkenes and Arenes
Halocyclopropanes from Halocarbenes
Halogen-Metal Interconversion Reaction with Organolithium Compounds
Heteroatom-Facilitated Lithiations
Hoesch Synthesis
Hofmann Reaction
Homogeneous Hydrogenation Catalysts in Organic Solvents
Hydration of Olefins, Dienes, and Acetylenes via Hydroboration
Hydroamination of Alkenes
Hydrocyanation of Alkenes and Alkynes
Hydrocyanation of Conjugated Carbonyl Compounds
Hydroformylation Reaction
Hydrofunctionalization of Alkenes by Hydrogen Atom Transfer
Hydrogen-bonding-mediated Directed Osmium Dihydroxylation
Hydrogenolysis of Benzyl Groups Attached to Oxygen, Nitrogen, or Sulfur
Indoles via Palladium-catalyzed Cyclization
Intermolecular C-H Insertions of Carbenoids
Intermolecular Metal-Catalyzed Carbenoid Cyclopropanations
Intramolecular Diels-Alder Reaction
Intramolecular Heck Reaction
Intramolecular Michael Reaction
Intramolecular Reactions of Diazocarbonyl Compounds
Ionic and Organometallic-Catalyzed Organosilane Reductions
Iridium-catalyzed, Enantioselective, Allylic Alkylations with Carbon Nucleophiles
Iron-catalyzed Cross-coupling Reactions
Jacobsen Reaction
Japp-Klingemann Reaction
Ketene Cycloadditions
Knoevenagel Condensation
Krapcho Dealkoxycarbonylation Reaction of Esters with alpha-Electron-withdrawing Substituents
Kulinkovich Cyclopropanation of Carboxylic Acid Derivatives
Lateral Lithiation Reactions Promoted by Heteroatomic Substituents
Leuckart Reaction
Lithioalkenes from Arenesulfonylhydrazones
Mannich Reaction
McMurry Coupling and Related Reactions
Metalation Reaction with Organolithium Compounds
Michael Reaction
Microbial Arene Oxidations
Mitsunobu Reaction
Modern Methods to Prepare Monofluoroaliphatic Compounds
Molybdenum-catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Alkylations
Nazarov Cyclization
Nef Reaction
Nitrosation of Aliphatic Carbon Atoms
Nucleophilic Additions of Perfluoroalkyl Groups
Olefin Ring-closing Metathesis
Olefin Synthesis via Deoxygenation of Vicinal Diols
Olefins from Amines: The Hofmann Elimination Reaction and Amine Oxide Pyrolysis
Oppenauer Oxidation
Organocopper Reagents: Substitution, Conjugate Addition, Carbo/Metallo-cupration, and Other Reactions
Ortho-Directed C–H Alkylation of Substituted Benzenes
Oxidation of Alcohols by Modified Oxochromium(VI)-Amine Complexes
Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyl Compounds via Alkoxysulfonium Ylides: The Moffatt, Swern, and Related Oxidations
Oxidation of Carbonyl Compounds with Organohypervalent Iodine Reagents
Oxidation of Phenolic Compounds with Organohypervalent Iodine Reagents
Oxidative Cleavage of Furans
Oxidative Decarboxylation of Acids by Lead Tetraacetate
Oxoammonium and Nitroxide-catalyzed Oxidations of Alcohols
Palladium-Catalyzed Amination of Aryl Halides
Palladium-Catalyzed Vinylation of Organic Halides
Passerini Reaction
Pauson-Khand Cycloaddition Reaction for Synthesis of Cyclopentenones
Pechmann Reaction
Periodic Acid Oxidation
Perkin Reaction and Related Reactions
Persulfate Oxidation of Phenols and Arylamines (The Elbs and the Boyland-Sims Oxidations)
Peterson Olefination Reaction
Phosphorus Addition at sp2 Carbon
Photocyclization of Stilbenes and Related Molecules
Pictet-Spengler Synthesis of Tetrahydroisoquinolines and Related Compounds
Polonovski Reaction
Preparation and Applications of Functionalized Organozinc Compounds
Preparation of 3,4-Dihydroisoquinolines and Related Compounds by the Bischler-Napieralski Reaction
Preparation of Aliphatic Fluorine Compounds
Preparation of Amines by Reductive Alkylation
Preparation of Aromatic Arsonic and Arsinic Acids by the Bart, Béchamp, and Rosenmund Reactions
Preparation of Aromatic Fluorine Compounds from Diazonium Fluoborates: The Schiemann Reaction
Preparation of Ketenes and Ketene Dimers
Preparation of Ketones from the Reaction of Organolithium Reagents with Carboxylic Acids
Preparation of Olefins by the Pyrolysis of Xanthates. The Chugaev Reaction
Preparation of Thiazoles
Preparation of Thiophenes and Tetrahydrothiophenes
Preparation of Unsymmetrical Biaryls by the Diazo Reaction and the Nitrosoacetylamine Reaction
Preparation of alpha beta-Unsaturated Carbonyl Compounds and Nitriles by Selenoxide Elimination
Propargylic Coupling Reactions via Bimetallic Alkyne Complexes
Pschorr Synthesis and Related Diazonium Ring Closure Reactions
Pummerer Reaction of Sulfinyl Compounds
Radical Cyclization Reactions
Ramberg-Bäcklund Reaction
Ramberg-Bäcklund Rearrangement
Reaction of Diazomethane and Its Derivatives with Aldehydes and Ketones
Reaction of Halogens with Silver Salts of Carboxylic Acids
Reactions of Diazoacetic Esters with Alkenes, Alkynes, Heterocyclic, and Aromatic Compounds
Reduction and Related Reactions of alpha beta-Unsaturated Compounds with Metals in Liquid Ammonia
Reduction by Metal Alkoxyaluminum Hydrides. Part II. Carboxylic Acids and Derivatives, Nitrogen Compounds, and Sulfur Compounds
Reduction with Aluminum Alkoxides (The Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley Reduction)
Reduction with Diimide
Reductions by Lithium Aluminum Hydride
Reductions by Metal Alkoxyaluminum Hydrides
Reductions with Samarium(II) Iodide
Reductive Aminations of Carbonyl Compounds with Borohydride and Borane Reducing Agents
Reductive Dehalogenation of Polyhalo Ketones with Low-Valent Metals and Related Reducing Agents
Reformatsky Reaction (1)
Reformatsky Reaction (2)
Reimer-Tiemann Reaction
Replacement of Alcoholic Hydroxy Groups by Halogens and Other Nucleophiles via Oxyphosphonium Intermediates
Replacement of the Aromatic Primary Amino Group by Hydrogen
Resolution of Alcohols
Retro-Diels-Alder Reaction. Part II. Dienophiles with One or More Heteroatoms
Retro–Diels–Alder Reaction. Part I. C–C Dienophiles
Ring-Expanding Carbonylation of Epoxides
Ritter Reaction
Rosenmund Reduction of Acid Chlorides to Aldehydes
Schmidt Reaction (1)
Selenium Dioxide Oxidation (1)
Selenium Dioxide Oxidation (2)
Sensitized Photooxygenation of Olefins
Simmons-Smith Cyclopropanation Reaction
Skraup Synthesis of Quinolines
Smiles and Related Rearrangements of Aromatic Systems
Sommelet Reaction
Stille Reaction
Stobbe Condensation
Substitution Reactions Using Organocopper Reagents
Substitution and Addition Reactions of Thiocyanogen
Syntheses Using Alkyne-Derived Alkenyl- and Alkynylaluminum Compounds
Synthesis of 5-Hydroxyindoles by the Nenitzescu Reaction
Synthesis of Acetylenes
Synthesis of Aldehydes from Carboxylic Acids
Synthesis of Aliphatic and Alicyclic Nitro Compounds
Synthesis of Benzoins
Synthesis of Benzoquinones by Oxidation
Synthesis of Isoquinolines by the Pomeranz-Fritsch Reaction
Synthesis of Ketones from Acid Halides and Organometallic Compounds of Magnesium, Zinc, and Cadmium
Synthesis of Nucleosides
Synthesis of Peptides with Mixed Anhydrides
Synthesis of Phenols and Quinones via Fischer Carbenes
Synthesis of Phosphonic and Phosphinic Acids
Synthesis of Substituted Ferrocenes and Other pi-Cyclopentadienyl-Transition Metal Compounds
Synthesis of beta-Lactams
Synthetic Applications of Phosphoryl-Stabilized Anions
Synthetic Uses of Tosylmethyl Isocyanide (TosMIC)
Tandem Vicinal Difunctionalization: beta-Addition to alpha beta-Unsaturated Carbonyl Substrates Followed by alpha-Functionalization
The Asymmetric Vinylogous Mukaiyama Aldol Reaction
The Aza-Cope/Mannich Reaction
The Barton-McCombie Reaction
The Boronic Acid Mannich Reaction
The Brook Rearrangement
The Catalytic, Enantioselective Favorskii Reaction
The Catalytic, Enantioselective Michael Reaction
The Julia-Kocienski Olefination
The Neber Rearrangement
The Negishi Cross-Coupling Reaction
The Saegusa Oxidation and Related Procedures
The Schmidt Reaction (2)
The Suzuki-Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction
The Tishchenko Reaction
The Wacker Oxidation
Thiele-Winter Acetoxylation of Quinones
Tin(II) Enolates in the Aldol, Michael, and Related Reactions
Transformation of Glycals into 2,3-Unsaturated Glycosyl Derivatives
Transition Metal Catalyzed Hydroacylation
Transition-metal-catalyzed a-Arylation of Enolates
Transition‐Metal‐Catalyzed Alkyne Hydroarylation with Arylmetals and Aryl Halides
Twofold Extrusion Reactions
Vilsmeier Reaction of Fully Conjugated Carbocycles and Heterocycles
Vilsmeier Reaction. 2. Reactions with Compounds Other Than Fully Conjugated Carbocycles and Heterocycles
Vinylcyclopropane-Cyclopentene Rearrangement
Von Braun Cyanogen Bromide Reaction
Willgerodt Reaction
Wittig Reaction
Wolff-Kishner Reduction
Zinin Reaction of Nitroarenes