Cross-Coupling with Organosilicon Compounds

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Title Cross-Coupling with Organosilicon Compounds
Editor(s) Farina
Author(s) Denmark
Last OR Contact {{{lcdate}}}

Author accepted invitation 8/26/04.
Sept 8, 2006: Author has not provided information as yet.
August 2008. Planned for Volume 75.
October 2008. TOC and sample pages sent and found acceptable.
March 6, 2009. Text to be complete by May 1. Tables complete by April 15.
July 20, 2009. No delivery date set
August 15, 2009. Tables complete and will be delivered to LSP. Text is 1/3 complete.
Feb 7, 2010. Progress but slow. Chapter targeted for Vol 75.
August 20, 2010. Will be done within 6 weeks.
February 16, 2011. Chapter complete.