ChemDraw Tips and Tricks

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Lasso and Rectangle Tool

Custom Bond Lengths

Arrow Tool

Text Tool

Text Label Tricks

Curved Arrows

Cloning Molecules

Aligned Copies

Toggling Crosshairs

Subscript, Superscript, and Formulas

Name to Structure to Name

Custom Name To Structure

Defining a Custom Nickname

Cleaning up Molecules

Cleaning up Reactions

Grouping Objects

Distributing Vertically

Distributing Horizontally

Aligning Left, Center, or Right

Aligning Top, Middle, or Bottom

Flipping Molecules

C040 - Flipping molecules.gif

Joining Molecules Atom to Atom

C042 - Joining atom to atom.gif

Joining Molecules Bond to Bond

C043 - Joining bond to bond.gif

Circular Alkyne Trick

C045 - Trick circular alkyne.gif

Quickly Cloning a Reaction

C046 - Quick reaction clone.gif

Rotating Objects

C047 - Rotate objects.gif

Resizing and Distorting

C048 - Resize and distort.gif

Fine Arrow Movement

C049 - Fine arrow movement.gif

Thin-layer Chromatography (TLC) Tool

C008 - TLC Tool.gif

Table Tool

C060 - Table Tool.gif

Sending Objects Backward and Forward

C061 - Send to back move forward.gif

Showing Stereochemistry

C064 - Show Stereochemistry.gif

Expanding from Generic Labels: Atom Lists

C065 - Generic Labels Atom List.gif

Expanding from Generic Labels: Variable Attachment

C066 - Generic Labels Variable Attachment.gif

Expanding from Generic Labels: Atom Range

C067 - Generic Labels Atom Range.gif

Changing Center of Rotation

C068 - Change center of rotation.gif

Custom Coloring by Element

C080 - Custom Color by Element.GIF

Quick Catalytic Cycle

C081 - Quick Catalytic Cycle.gif

Circular and Ellipse Reactions

C082 - Circular vs Ellipse Reaction.gif

Changing NMR Prediction Settings

C085 - Change NMR Prediction Settings.gif

Change Decimals in High-resolution Mass Spectra

C026 - Mass fragmentation decimal point.gif

Scaling Atom Labels

C087 - Scaling Atom Labels.gif

Quickly Drawing Sugammadex

C088 - Quickly Drawing Sugammadex.gif

Expanding Peptide Labels

C030 - Expand Peptide labels.gif

BioDraw Helix Protein Tool

C031 - BioDraw Helix Protein.gif

BioDraw DNA Tool

C032 - BioDraw DNA Tool.gif

BioDraw Circular Membrane Tool

C033 - BioDraw Circular Membrane tool.gif

BioDraw Micelle Tool

C034 - BioDraw Micelle tool.gif

BioDraw Plasmid Map Tool

C059 - BioDraw Plasmid Map Tool.gif