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Title Asymmetric Hydrogenation of Heteroaromatic Compounds
Editor(s) Molander
Author(s) Zhou
Last OR Contact 1/1/18

Last Author Contact



June 13, 2012. Author accepted.
September 19, 2012. TOC received but appears to be a skeleton outline of substrates.
February 28. 2013. Revised TOC circulated to BOE.
March 19, 2013. Comments on TOC returned to author and request for a revised TOC.
June 11, 2013. Trying to get author to accept feed back on TOC.
July 19, 2013. Updated chapter outline received, reviewed and comments sent back. Request for enhancements to the chapter sections and improved table organization.
April 17, 2014. TOC needs to be finalized.
June 16, 2014. Chapter seems to be in decent shape. Still some confusion over versions and if Author has made changes to format that are required. We do not have Tables.
July 10, 2014. No outline but entire chapter has been delivered. The text is well written and in OR style. Some references have been omitted. Tables have some issues. Request SED comments before reply to author.
July 20, 2014. SED and I sent an edited version back to Author.
October 29, 2014. Change of Editor
January 21, 2015. Text and tables received. Edits returned to Author. Tables are problematic since there were no prior samples.
February 18, 2015. LSP and RE comments returned to Author.
April 10, 2015. Revised text and tables received. Still missing author checklist, abstract, ChemDraw files. Several corrupt files.
April 20, 2015. Chapter circulated to BOD for review.
July 9, 2015. Edited version of manuscript as well as check list returned to Author.
August 17, 2015. BOE comments returned to Author. Initial problems with tables. Small chapter.
March 12, 2016. Authors found recent 2014-2015 reference examples that should be included and are in the process of updating the text and tables.
April 7, 2016. Additional table entries and new references received.
July 8, 2016. Chapter ready for spot-checking review by students. 55% error rate.
August 4, 2016. Author asked to review tables to correct errors before they can be processed.
September 27, 2016. Authors are working on corrections (with others re-checking table references) and plan to submit mid-October.
November 11, 2016. Manuscript revision is completed and is undergoing accuracy review with planned submission at the end of November.
December 6, 2016. Tables have been carefully checked and complete chapter received.
January 13, 2017. LSP accuracy check found no real issues.
January 25, 2017. Tables will be processed by DL.
March 14, 2017. Tables sent to Wiley for processing. Galley proofs expected April 10.
April 10, 2017. Proofs released from Wiley.
July 9, 2017. Author provided corrections to proofs.
November 8, 2017. Tables sent to Coates for review with reply by November 22.
November 29, 2017. Processed chapter sent to Coates with reply by December 13.
January 1, 2018. Request for corrections sent to Author with reply by January 12.
February 2, 2018. DS has received Coates corrections. References are renumbered.

Volume 96

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