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This page contains information and template files for Organic Reactions authors. To download the files below, right-click the links and select "Download Linked File" or "Save File As."

Conversion of %ee to %er
The table in this document facilitates the conversion of enantiomeric excess to enantiomeric ratio (and vice versa). An equation and Microsoft Excel formula are also provided.

EndNote Stationery File
This is an EndNote stationery file for Organic Reactions chapters.

ChemDraw Template for Graphics in Manuscripts
Please use this template to create graphics for inclusion in the chapter itself.

ChemDraw Template for Tables
Please use this template to create tabular surveys.

Manuscript Template
This template includes all optional and required sections for the chapter, with instructions for each in blue. Please use this template to create the manuscript.

Instructions for Creating Tables
Follow these instructions to create tabular surveys.

Manuscript Guide
This document provides detailed guidelines for writing an Organic Reactions chapter.