Alkyne Metathesis

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Title Alkyne Metathesis
Editor(s) Cha
Author(s) Lee
Last OR Contact 11/7/19

Last Author Contact



June 6, 2009. Author accepted
August 15, 2009. Need TOC
February 8, 2010. I have talked to Daesung about his chapter. He is receptive to working with Yet or doing it independently. I was under the impression that you were going to contact Yet to see if he is receptive to a joint chapter. If you like I would be happy to take over the coordination between the two.
August 20, 2010. Still needs coordination with Yet. Author is eager and interested. Could incorporate Yets deleted sections. Perhaps Yet as a co-author?
February 16, 2011. Author has proceeded in the dark. Tables are complete. Text is underway. LSP needs to see samples.
August 29, 2011. Author is motivated. Needs to see Yet chapter.
February 14, 2012. Sample tables in hand and under review. Will forward to LSP.
August 2, 2012. 'Advanced chapter' in hand and edited. Should be circulated to BOE. Author has invested a large amount of time working 'largely in the dark' without input from OR.
August 8, 2012. Current materials sent to SED for advice.
August 20, 2012. Yet chapter sent to author
August 10. Author engaged but needs direction.
February 26, 2013. Chapter is mostly written. Author engaged but frustrated.
February 12, 2014. SED to intervene.
April 21, 2014. Chapter received with table graphics. Tabular survey is still in progress. Schemes are unnumbered. 106 pages of text. Chapter can not be circulated to BOE until it meets current formatting guidelines.
August 18, 2014. Text and graphics sections need format and editorial changes. Author agrees to revision in 2-3 stages. Compound numbers and Schemes need change. Tables are in 2 stages - up to 2013 and an update. LSP has provided feedback on Tables and will integrate them.
October 16, 2014. The tables were prepared in 2 stages have been corrected. Linda will combine them. He is proof-reading the text (particularly, compounds and schemes will be numbered).
December 30, 2014. Complete chapter delivered although he has been working on his own. Estimate 100 pages text, 130 files ChemDraw files for text, 220 references, 240 ChemDraw files for tables.
April 15, 2015. Tables received.
May 15, 2015. Revised text received. Completed tabular survey will be forwarded to LPress in the near future.
June 24, 2015. Comments on text returned to Author.
August 17, 2015. Tables forwarded to LSP. There are some questions. Author ready to revise text.
December 15, 2015. Revised manuscript received following SED corrections.
February 22, 2016. Both co-authors have moved. Author waiting for them to complete final corrections.
February 6, 2017. Revised text received. Spot check for accuracy of tables to be arranged.
March 21, 2017. Author sent some questions concerning OR style. Tables need to have tighter organization.
April 11, 2017. Complete chapter received. Naresh Tumma will spot-check tables for transcription errors.
May 25, 2017. Tumma review found few errors. Author should correct the few errors found.
July 19, 2017. Complete chapter sent to DS for processing. Tables updated through May 31, 2017. Manuscript is about 100 pages.
April 10, 2019. Request for supplemental references by May 10.
April 25, 2019. Update received.May 2, 2019. LB will process text.
June 24, 2019. Tables sent to Wiley for galley preparation.
November 15, 2019. Au requested to review galley proof by December 6.
November 7, 2019. Au returned marker galleys.
February 16, 2020. DL send page proofs for OR chapter 2 on Friday to RE, AU and Bert. Corrections due on March 6, 2020. Editorial notes are also attached.
March 25, 2020 Corrected proofs returned to Wiley by DL

Volume 103 (or 102?)

Last OR Contact


Comments from Editor-in-Chief

Volume 102</td>