3+2 Dipolar Cycloadditions of Cyclic Nitrones with Alkenes

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Title [3+2] Dipolar Cycloadditions of Cyclic Nitrones with Alkenes
Editor(s) Weinreb
Author(s) Brandi
Last OR Contact 6/9/17

Last Author Contact



February 28, 2013. Author accepted after active discussion of scope. There is some concern over chapter size and table size, but agreed to cover all families of nitrones with alkenes .
July 29, 2013. Work has started and outline has been received.
September 5, 2013. Comments returned to author. TOC does not follow OR format missing M&S, S&L, Comparison to other methods and Experimental conditions. Tables need some organizational changes. Request for a revised TOC.
September 12, 2013. Author received new MS Guide and estimates 1700 references.
September 25, 2013. Suggest to limit chapter to intramolecular nitrone/olefin cycloadditions with 1,000 tabular examples. Author does not agree and wants to completely update the Confalone chapter with 2500 reactions and 550 references. Will not adjust TOC until OR replies.
October 2, 2013. Author has limited scope to cyclic examples only. Revised TOC requested.
October 21, 2013. ChemDraw ordered for author.
December 26, 2013. Sample text and graphics need some major revision. Need more clarity and depth in Mechanism, Stereochemistry and Regiochemistry. LSP will review sample graphics.
January 16, 2014. Sample text and schemes received. Much improved and author told to continue writing. Request for chapter size estimate.
February 12, 2014. Author is very engaged. Estimate chapter at 350 pp.
November 7, 2014. Author agreed to use footnotes to clarify yield in tables and add primary cycloadduct not isolated . Sample ChemDraw files submitted to exemplify approach.
December 18, 2014. Chapter ChemDraw files received covering 1985-2013. 2014 references will be added in spring 2015. Author believes that all previous comments accounted for.
February 3, 2015. Tables are nearly complete, do not yet include 2014 literature. Now working on text.
February 27, 2015. Two portions of chapter received.
March 2, 2015. Comments returned. Attempt to shorten where possible.
March 23, 2015. Revised versions of sections returned enclosing all suggested corrections
July 17, 2015. Complete chapter received.
July 31, 2015. Edited chapter returned to Author. Needs major revisions both for English and organization. S&L sections should parallel the organization of tables. There is little discussion in the text of the chiral catalysts and ligands which need to be added to S&L. Synthesis of nitrones should be separate from Experimental. Applications section needs to be shortened.
August 5, 2015. Will account for returned comments in a revision which will take some time since it requires a complete reorganization. Unsure if they will add 2015 references.
August 19, 2015. Synthesis of starting nitrones should be included at the beginning of the S&L. Tables are essentially done. Text will need 1-2 more revisions.
October 20, 2015. Author submitted revised complete chapter with chapter text, references, and schemes.
October 30, 2015. Chapter circulated for review to return comments by November 20.
December 8, 2015. Detailed comments returned to Author. Expect mid-January 2016 to receive a revised version.
December 18, 2015. Author has serious issues with suggested changes to the intramolecular section. Some annotated comments can not be accepted. Several requests for changes were for points already accepted. The process of revision cannot go on forever!
January 27, 2016. Revised MS received where we have done our bestto fulfill all of the comments which was difficult since some seemed contradictory. We expect that this will be the final revision.
February 7, 2016. Comments returned to Author. Most suggestions were considered. Need to complete checklist after addressing minor issues.
February 10, 2016. Author apologizes for errors and made corrections. No need to add 2015 references now, but will do so if necessary. Revised files received.
February 16, 2016. SED requests corrections of transcription errors (random 30%).
February 17, 2016. Authors report that some of the errors were actually corrections to the original literature. If corrected manuscript is received in a timely way, chapter will be published in Volume 94.
March 30, 2016. Corrected chapter returned. There were few major mistakes and many minor faults that resulted in revision of quite a number of schemes.
August 1, 2016. LSP completed text and text graphics cost/time analysis. Some stoichiometry missing for co-reactants. Some time/temp missing and should be noted in processing. Authors will be asked for inclusion.
January 9, 2017. PDF files of text and graphics returned to Author as well as list of questions and comments. Table galleys sent to Coates with proofreader notes for the typesetters. Request for Coates corrections by Jan. 31.
January 13, 2017. Authors request addition time as well as disagrees with some content changes. Some changes were made to conform to 2016 Guide.
Jaunary 26, 2017. Corrected proofs with comments received.
May 1, 2017. Processed table galleys sent to RC for review with request for corrections to DS by May 15.
May 15, 2017. Coates sent comments and corrections for tables to DS.
June 6, 2017. Author contacted to respond to RC comments to galleys.
June 9, 2017. Author returned corrections.

Volume 94.

Editor-in-chief Recommended Action

Error rate of 30%. Some initial errors were racemates rather than errors. Blasdel will process chapter.
SED will contact author for stoichiometries, temps, times missing during processing.